The debt ceiling is a ridiculous political tool that is hurting the economy, the banks, and the stock market.

For a currency-creator, money is like smiles for an individual; neither can run out of either. Which is why the ‘debt ceiling’ is akin to economic-self-harm. Imagine not allowing yourself to…

Here is the “radical,” “far-left” agenda items that the Democrats want to provide the American public:

  • expanded tax credits for lower- and middle-income families,
  • universal pre-kindergarten,
  • affordable childcare,
  • two years of free post-secondary education,
  • more health care premium subsidies for Obamacare,
  • high quality elder care,
  • more funding for public housing…

The stock of Treasuries is generally misunderstood to be the national “debt”. In fact, it is the record of the net transfer of funds to the private sector from the federal government. It is not money that was borrowed by the Treasury. The federal government is monetarily-sovereign, which means it…

At the end of March, the Fed reinstated the required reserves into the SLR of the banks. In order to avoid problems with the banks’ ability to maintain their ratio requirements, the Fed opened the overnight reverse repurchase facility where banks could funnel excess reserves into T-bills and earn interest…

In this piece, we explain why retail investors who wish to accumulate wealth should limit their day-trading activities.

The more frequent the trading (like day trading), the higher the chances of loss overall. …

Where are we? At the edge of a cliff, or the foot of a mountain?

In the weekend summary, we pointed out that the McClellan summation index RSI was poised to turn back up while still above 30, like it did at the start of the November recovery, and that…

Equal weight (RSP) is outperforming the SPX. This demonstrates widespread, underlying strength in the market. It is still early in the recovery…compare the patterns with 2009–2010.

Fund Flows

The wild ride in the stock market during 2020 has served to underline and support our working hypothesis — fund flows and fear drives the stock market. The market is not driven by news, even news of a once-in-one-hundred-years pandemic. News, whether financial or Geopolitical, can temporarily “jiggle” the market…

Minimums in the nominal weekly put:call ratio when associated with a down-spike in the 10-day MA, correspond to tops in the SPX 80%.

ANG Traders

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By David Huston and ANG Traders

The most over-traded stock in early 2020 was Tesla, which shot up 125% in the first six-weeks of the year, fell 62% during the pandemic shutdown, then climbed 468% by the end of September. While Tesla has more substance than “tulips” or “Beanie Babies,”…

ANG Traders

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