Looking For an Excuse



  • The 8-month MA remains above the 12-month MA.
  • The RSI is rising.
  • The S&P 500 has bounced off the 8-month MA.
  • The MACD continues to diverge away from a bear cross-over.
  • The ADX +DI has started to turn back up, and the -DI has started to turn back down.
  • The stochastic has turned up.


On a long-term weekly time-scale, the situation remains the same as last week; the current pattern is very similar to 2013:

  • The RSI has dropped below the rising trend-line and is almost over-sold.
  • The 20-week MA has crossed under the 50-week MA.
  • The gold price remains below its 200-week MA.
  • The MACD has completed a bear cross-over and continues dropping.
  • The stochastic remains at over-sold levels.
  • The ADX -DI is increasing, as is its momentum, while the +DI is decreasing.



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